Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lightning Patrol

Some of you may remember Lightning Patrol R2, which never came to be. The assortment included this Zinger Challenger patrol car, Chevy Monza, '09 Challenger and a Viper ACR. I came across this one on my desk as I was looking for a couple rare pieces for the Lightning Fest charity auction. All of the cars were ready to go to production but this was my favorite. I really like the Hoosier imprint on the hard plastic wheels and I had planned to release with no light bar, which bothers me a little now. What's a police car with no light bar? I also added a black wash over the engine to give it a more sleeper feel. Do you guys think it would still make a good release? Or want to see in the auction?

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. I Want One. Release It Please

  2. I love police cars and the Zingers are cool. Make it with the light bar, though. I say release it.

  3. Tom that is a sweet looking piece. I say yes release it with the light bar. Jeremy M. LJLRC

  4. Release it...i want the viper acr...JL has done a great job with the casting ive seen...hands down.