Friday, July 2, 2010

Jeep Cherokee

Hoping to get the revisions done on the Cherokee tool model before the Fest. I know you are excited to see Russ(Milezone). Don't plan on seeing any stock versions, even though I would love to make a version of my daily driver, because I am building the fender flares right into the body. However, there will be at least 6 different custom configurations of the truck with different bumpers, brush bars, optional snorkel intake and mild and wild lift kits. Not only does the hood open but I am making an opening rear liftgate. Plan on seeing all new mud tires with two rim options.
Have a safe 4th holiday!

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. Good choice. I love all the extras and an opening liftgate will be very cool.

  2. Nice thats my truck to a "T". Just have to paint it Fern Green Metallic. OH and a few dents.
    Now Tom how do I get that resin shot?

  3. thats awesome tom! i love it!!

    i cant wait to get my own!!!


  4. Just found out about this....we XJers are very happy. Thank you!!!