Friday, August 6, 2010

International Scout

Got a lot of comments on the release 10 Scout so I thought I would show you the White Lightning. Make plans to release all of the cars and trucks in the assortment from their plastic prisons because the White Lightning traits are white engines and a WL logo on the underside of the hood. The hoods are closed in the packaging too. Good luck with the hunt!

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. totally awesome!

  2. do not like I do not open the toys to find the white lightning

  3. Sound like a bunch of WL collectors only complaining. I absolutely LOVE it.

  4. i think they should stop making the plastic wheels and just go right back and stay with the rubber wheels not the plastic wheels make the truck look cheesy

  5. I agree with those that dislike the hidden WL features. Personally, I don't like WLs and so would be disappointed to open my JL only to find a hidden WL motor, etc. JL wasn't thinking of the consumer when they did looks like they are trying to force people to buy more JLs with this hopes that they'll get lucky and score a WL. Greedy! (No doubt JL will allege that they are trying to stop greedy hoarders who scoop up WLs before everyone else or pay store clerks to hold them, but conveniently JL wins at the same time with more sales.)