Thursday, December 9, 2010


Received the shot samples of the new Chevy Citation and they look amazing. I have plenty of options planned too from the X-11 to the base model with optional hatch window louvers. There are two wheels options, two hood options and two chassis variations. I have plans for a Spoilers release but sorry Zingers fans, the Zinger was not in the budget. Look for this casting in Spring 2011.

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. Cool ZAMAC. Always wondered how they did it!

  2. I'm very excited at the prospect of getting a base model, and also seeing a version with the typical '80s rear window slats!

    Thanks for the update on this one!

  3. I have to make a request/complaint. I realize it's my opinion and someone else thinks differently, but I always thought the Citation was an ugly car. So I'm dissapointed to see that made before a model that I think has been neglected by all diecast makers - the 76-78 Chrysler Cordoba/Dodge Charger/Plymouth Fury.

  4. I agree Chad that the Citation is an ugly car!

    Tom Z

  5. I think you're both nuts. The Citation was a beautiful car, and for its time, relatively aerodynamic. I had two of them. Put 200K on each of them. What I'd like to see is a 76 - 79 Nova casting. Nova's sell like crazy.

    You are entitled to your opinions, you are wrong however...

  6. The two door Citation with or without the x-11 upgrade are a nice car when in good shape! The four door model is ugly, but good for parts ;) I own a 85 x-11 citation still (just finishing the repairs and upgrades to get it on the road). How about a Celebrity VR model?

  7. I would love to see a 1:24 or larger scale citation!