Friday, April 30, 2010


Been talking with Maverick about releasing the A100 again with a cob web paint scheme on the top. Notice the difference in the type face of the Little Red Wagon too. Kinda neat! I'm really thinking about updating the engine and wheels if I do release again. What do you guys think? I really enjoy this casting and would love to bring you guys a more detailed release of it.

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. Personally I would love to find that casting! as I'm sure it would be a good seller. Updating the engine and wheels also I think would add to the apeal of it.. just me tho.

  2. Hi Tom.
    This is Renato from Brazil (we exchanged some messages maybe one year ago).
    The Little Red Wagon is one of my favourite JL castings, and I'm sure that a new version will be very cool!!!

  3. I'm in favor of any and all vintage drag racing stuff, so an updated LRW would be awesome!