Friday, September 9, 2011

TOMICA and JL update

Here is a little update on JL and TOMICA...working on Forever 64 and JL2.0 calendar for 2012 and planning out TOMICA releases. Last week I got in Forever 64 samples for R20 and JL2.0 samples from R10. This Vista Cruiser is from R10 and I am excited to squeeze it into an assortment because I had so many requests at Lightning Fest to see the Vista Cruiser again. It's coming! The TOMICA line has been fun and challenging at times to dive into. I have started the process of looking into what castings I can release in the U.S. based on licensing rights, U.S. standards and casting condition. Hoping to bring some vintage models to the line!

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. Love the Vista Cruiser. Great color!

  2. The Vista Cruiser is awesome, and I'm looking forward to some vintage Tomicas returning to this market!

  3. Tomika diecasts with JL’s treatment... sounds good for me !!!... in this case i would prefer modern vehicles instead of vintage... i agree, the Vista is delicious =)

  4. I don't understand, you mean the Tomica US line, or Tomica castings sold as JL, with JL trim?

  5. I am now working on the Tomica US line. This is separate from the JL line.

    Tom Z

  6. Tomica and JL are two of my favorite diecast makers, so I'll be anxiously waiting to see what come out of this. Please do a Plymouth Arrow by the way:)