Sunday, October 2, 2011

Johnny Lightning International Pickup

The International Pickup is coming along nicely. I made some revisions to the cab area before tooling started. This pickup will see duty in our Forever 64 line, JL2.0 line and our ERTL Ag line. The first release will be in the Forever 64 line and shortly after will see action in the Ertl line where it will feature a diecast body and chassis. All new rims and tires will debuted on the model as well. One unique feature about this casting is that it will have a commercial rear bumper giving it a more rugged look.

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. My first International was an 1100 series fleetside pickup very much like this one. Glad to see yet another IH truck in the works, especially one so fond in my memories. :)