Monday, October 31, 2011

Johnny Lightning JL2.0 and The Car

Happy Halloween! I was cleaning up in my toy room at home over the weekend and found a particular "Car" that I have been searching for for almost 2 years now. Back in 2003, I was working on 1:18 scale American Muscle, Racing Champions MINT, Hot Rods line and our licensed 1:64 Entertainment asst, which included the Munsters, Smokey & the Bandit, Dukes, Dazed & Confused, Gone in 60 Seconds, and many others. I began tooling on a movie car that never quite made it into production, the 1:64 Car, from the 1977 flick. I had already completed tooling on the 1:18 scale version and it was natural to do in 1:64, however, the 1:64 scale line was discontinued and the Car never got released. You're looking at the only full die cast version in existence, sitting next to a preproduction sample of the new JL2.0 R11 Phil Bonner Galaxie, for size comparison.

Tom Zahorsky
Senior Design Manager
Johnny Lightning


  1. First off. Cool Car. Now a question. I get Johnny Lightning and Walmart 'love' each other messages all the time on facebook. I'm wondering how that's true. I can't even find a hook for JL product. Since we're both in the chicago area I'll run down who doesn't have them. Both stores in Hammond Indiana. Both stores in Niles Il. The store in Chicago. The store in Forest Park Il. The store near Woodfield (just east of it about 2 miles). Many of these stores used to carry JL's and now, not even a peg. Seriously dude, what's up with that?

  2. Just curious if the tooling was ever produced and if so, could this Car end up in a future JL assortment? I think it would be a good addition to the JL range!

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  4. It looks like our chop-top imperial we trailer race.

  5. Can you tell me when production of The CAR will commence and be available for purchase by the public and collectors such as myself? Is there anyway to speed up the process? The CAR is one of the most Beautiful yet Sinister movie vehicles ever made. Why it wasn't mass produced for collectors/public to purchase is beyond me. Can you please reply with the answers to my questions because figuratively speaking..."I WOULD KILL FOR *THE CAR*". It would be the crown jewel of my collection. I await a reply and thank you for your time. Please produce this vehicle for purchase soon.